Kitchen Worktops

The worktops are used for many purposes and receive a lot of wear and tear. Among other things, we stack dishes on them, use the surface to prepare food, and also stand items on, such as a kettle, microwave, bread bin and fruit bowl. As they are usually the backbone of many kitchen designs, worktops must be chosen carefully.


When looking for a kitchen worktop you need to think about the material, colour, and size of worktop you need. People often want to fit in as much worktop as they can without taking up too much space, as having a lot of worktop area gives you more space to work on. So it is advisable to design the layout of your kitchen carefully and to work out how you can create a spacious and usable kitchen.

There are many materials to choose from when buying kitchen worktops such as granite, wood, corian, stone, laminate and even quartz. Granite, quartz and stone are all very hard surfaces, and are also heavy. They last a long time, are practical and easy to clean and are very hardwearing. Visually, these materials look great and give a wonderful finish to both modern and traditional style kitchens. Wood is a traditional material used for worktops and is still a very popular one, as natural wood can either fit in with a modern kitchen or offset a more modern room. Laminate can also be used for kitchen worktops, and is cheaper and more practical than real wood. Corian is a synthetic hard material which can be moulded and shaped to look like wood or stone. It is highly versatile and can be ordered in a huge variety of colours. These are the main materials used for kitchen worktops, and they all come in a variety of prices.


Although the practicality of kitchen worktops is an essential point, You should also think about the style and colour scheme of your kitchen. Most of the natural materials are available in dark, medium and light shades, but all have the same base colour. For example, granite is a steely grey but can range from a very dark colour, to a paler shade of grey. If you are looking something with a little more colour, Corian is an excellent choice.


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