Granite Worktops

Granite is the obvious choice for worktops and other home use because of its durability and being able to maintain its appearance without maintenance or deterioration.


Granite is made from igneous rock formed from cooling magma. Each individual slab is uniquely patterned with inconsistent pattern which provides a striking appearance. Granite worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and pretty much scratch proof. They are very durable meaning they are able to sustain wear and tear over many years. There is lots of activity in the kitchen with numerous utensils being used and dropped but these worktops and able to withstand the rough treatment they may receive in the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms. This igneous rock has also recently become popular for use as floorings and splash backs.


Granite worktops are renowned for being both durable and hygienic (as it is easily sterilised). Other features include its toughness, glassy finish when polished and the fact that it will last for many years, and is extremely easy to look after. It is also highly scratch and heat resistant, it keeps its colour and it is easy to keep clean with just a wipe over. That is why it is the No 1 choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. This type of worktop can help to redefine limited space as it extremely versatile and can be shaped into most designs.


The blending of this rock is very important for kitchen designs as it needs to match other colours within the kitchen as well as looking elegant but as there are so many different colours of this rock it will never be a problem.


Although granite is extremely easy to keep clean and maintain, it should not be rubbed down with abrasive materials (such as scouring detergents wire wool, metal pads and alkaline and chlorine based cleaners or bleach), it should also not be hit with blunt or heavy objects as it can crack, chip and even break. The best way to look after and protect your granite worktop is to use clean warm water with a light neutral detergent, and rinse with clean warm water and a dry chamois leather or similar type of cloth.


Kitchens and Granite Worktops

The latest design magazines show that there seems to be quite a retro feel happening in the kitchen cabinet design world right now with curves making a big come back – curve fronted drawer units, curved ends to and an endless choice of curved handles. To get worktops to fit on these new design of cabinets ordinary laminate can be difficult to manufacture to follow the lines of the curves but with granite being solid the worktops can be cut to match these quite easily and they will literally follow the contours of the kitchen.

To make a bold contemporary statement then choosing a strong coloured kitchen door in say red, black or aubergine will do the trick and they look fabulous with steel appliances. Definitely a look that goes well in a loft apartment or large open plan living area. A smaller space would benefit by mixing in some white high gloss doors to add light.

There are a few things to consider when choosing granite worktops to go with these modern/retro kitchens:

  • Light granites will need to be resealed on a more regular basis as the spilt remains of say a curry could possibly stain them. If this is a worry then it could be a better chocie to go with a mid tone granite such as steel grey, which will also compliment your stainless steel appliances.
  • If there is a lot of white in your kitchen you might want to create a contrast with some of the brown granites (which are also very easy to maintain on a day to day basis) to add some warmth.
  • If your kitchen worktops are likely to need a lot of joins then it is best to avoid any granites made up from a markedly striated pattern as this may make the joins more noticeable.

So as “natural” seems to be the word when it comes to interior design right now, especially with the huge choice of natural wood doors, granite is a practical and very stylish choice for your worktops.


Features of Granite Worktops

Granite has always been the popular choice of people for residential and commercial buildings because of its great benefits.


Features of granite:

Granite is well known for its rough and tough characteristics. It is heat resistant and for this reason it is extensively used in the kitchens.


Granite plays vital role in customizing the appearance of the kitchen which can result in a smarter and sophisticated look. The granite is a durable material and can last for years without deteriorating in the quality.


One of the prime reasons why people choose granite or marble is because it requires minimum maintenance and cleaning. Granite a sturdy material and there won’t be any wear and tear for a long duration. The fact that it is available in wide range of designs, colors and patterns is another added advantage for the buyers.


Use of marble in bathrooms:

It is hard to imagine a modern house without marble bathroom. It has become a key component of a modern home and now the people just can’t ignore it. It is also very common in the hotels, conference rooms and restaurants etc.


Marble bathroom brings that long term glaziness and excellence to the house because of its layers of glass, solid surfaces and natural colors.


You will need to make sure that you hire specialized contractor for developing marble theme in your marble bathroom or else they might end up ruining the looks.


A specialized contractor will be very familiar with the procedure of setting marble tile to bring that perfect look of style and elegance to your bathroom.


Selecting a marble tile for your bathroom shouldn’t be a big challenge to you, given the choice of wide range of colors, designs and patterns available in the open market. You don’t require an expert to choose your marble stones.


How is granite useful in kitchen?

When you decide to remodel your kitchen there are two things which you’ll need to consider. Primarily, it should be durable, long lasting, stain free and you shouldn’t have too much trouble of maintaining it. Secondly, it should provide you the ultimate look which sets up your kitchen.



Granite kitchen countertop has emerged as the most favorite material used in construction and remodeling of kitchens. These countertops provide a beautiful and classy look to your kitchen and it is also durable. It lasts for many years and withstands wear and tear and cracks.

Another reason why this natural stone is so popularly used in kitchen is because of it’s heat resistant characteristics.


Granite counter tops are the must in every modern kitchen for giving it that stylish and appealing look. There are lots of other countertops available in the market made of ceramic or zinc material, but granite clearly stands out among them due to the above features.


How to Choose Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops represent an important step, when it comes to fitting the kitchen counter. This is done on grounds both aesthetic and functional features. So the kitchen granite worktops have to match the furniture but also resist scratch and be absorbent. To find the most suitable material for this part of the kitchen, a person can look for opinions of their community members, or of people who have already remodelled their kitchens.


What do other people say about kitchen worktops?


Some people believe that granite worktops are very good, whereas other say the best thing happening to a kitchen is granite. Kitchen worktops can be put together of materials very expensive, or not so expensive. There is a wide variety of choices, among them being granite and marble. Neither of these two is expensive.


Other people who have used different kinds of kitchen granite worktops now believe the best choice is represented by granite worktops, and more precise black granite worktops. The commercial name is nero Africa impala and usually it is 1.2 inch thick. Usually granite kitchen worktops do not stain. This safety measure is even better applied if granite is treated with recommended solutions, such as silicon solutions.


Depending on how much money a person spends they can choose to have a marble countertop or a composite one. But of all kitchen worktops granite ones can be cheaper than marble, and they look very good. Further more, they can be modelled on the spot, according to the walls, which are seldom perpendicular. The sink is directly folded, so is the stove and any other holes you may need, they are already cut out.



Prices of natural rocks vary greatly from one type to another, but usually such materials as marble or granite may be expensive, but they come with a great deal of advantages. The fitting and the cut outs of kitchen granite worktops the sink may cost a person a little extra, especially if the shape is other than rectangular.


Any natural rock should be treated with a waterproofing solution, which does not allow staining material, but this happens only if small quantities are consumed. No, marble and granite are not the materials to absorb large amounts of these substances. Not to be confused about this aspect of kitchen granite worktops!

Beauty of Granite Kitchen worktops

Granite’s durability and beautifully vivid patterns are some of the main reasons why this natural material continues to be the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite is also one of the most resilient stones to heat, stains and abrasions, which is why it’s a firm favorite for almost all kitchen surfaces.


A natural stone quarried far below the Earth’s service, the granite kitchen countertop you choose has been over a thousand years in the making – so it will truly stand the test of time! Unlike synthetic imitations, a natural material such as Granite offers unrivalled beauty and uniqueness – no two pieces are ever the same making your kitchen countertop elegantly distinctive.


When selecting a business from which to buy your new granite counters, make sure they are experienced, take pride in their products and offer high quality granite from all over the world. They should also offer installation services and help you find the grade, color and a variety of edging finishes. Granite’s popularity is everlasting and is one that will add significant value to your home.

What to consider when selecting your granite



One of the most distinguishable elements of granite is its diverse color palette. Dependent upon a stone’s mineralogy, the colors typically associated with granite range from muted beiges and rose pinks, classic black-and-whites to saturated reds, rich greens and even multi-colors.


Granite is instantly recognisable by its striking flecked or “pebbled” appearance. Its texture is an unmistakable sign of quality, igniting interior splendour in any home.


Natural sources offer varied appearances and charming characteristics, giving a one-of-a-kind appeal that simply can’t be replicated by a machine, but you can rest assured that top supplier buy and install only the finest grades of granite.



Granite’s longevity and durability are what make this material an ideal countertop. However there are a number of different finishes available for Granite – all of which will enhance the quality and seal the permanence of your natural stone. These are:


Polished Finish – This finish gives a shiny, mirror-like effect. It intensifies the color and pattern adding even more sparkle to your stone. Polishing reduces Granite’s porosity, which increases its resistance to humidity and chemical substances commonly used in your kitchen. This is an ideal choice for busy families.


Honed – This technique achieves a smooth, non-reflective surface, although it can make your granite more porous so shouldn’t be considered for a countertop that will be used regularly.

Brushed/Antiqued – This treatment gives a textured, slightly worn appearance that is a daring choice, which will add dramatic effect.


Flamed finishes – The act of exposing the granite to extreme heat followed by intense cooling leaves the granite with a highly textured, slip-resistant surface – again a good choice for families.



Granite is recognised as one of the hardest stones for interior applications. Offering an impenetrable surface, it’s nearly impossible for it to crack, take on abrasions or scratches.


The high resistance to heat makes Granite an ideal surface for a kitchen where cooking appliances and hot cookware will be in use. With or without a finish, Granite’s surface can be easily cleaned to remove bacteria. It’s also extremely tolerable of tea, coffee, citric acid, alcohol and wine.


Granite is almost impossible to stain, but you should ask your countertop vendor about sealants available to improve its resistance to staining. Once you’ve made your choice, be ready to love your granite countertops for many years to come!


Why Granite chose for Kitchen Worktops

Worktop is among the most significant selections you will produce. Besides does it have to appear good, they have for you to go through hefty utilize. Therefore when you obtain, think about no matter if you would anticipate to devote several energy to keep it’s glimpse, or perhaps prefer to get something stronger. Then take into consideration good looks.


‘Your decision generally depends on the kind of your current kitchens, i states Lizzie Beesley, conceptual artist in Second Nature Kitchens. ‘If you want to generate result along with your units, you may want a new toned-down function exterior, however you should have basic gates, the worktop product could make a genuine affirmation.


Function types of surface including jewel in addition to stainless steel have to be templated through the supplier to fit your kitchen’s accurately, along with cut-outs for the destroy in addition to hob, and this will certainly have an effect on your allowance.


Nevertheless it could end up being worthwhile. ‘The proper decision is a good investment decision which enable it to flip a new simple kitchen’s in to some thing specific, i states Annette Light associated with Chiltern Pebble. Therefore that exterior is actually befitting people? Keep reading to determine.




‘The polarisation within the width associated with worktops remains to be an essential route : there is not any midsection soil, worktops have to be both heavy or perhaps superficial, i states Anjum Ahmed, product or service in addition to promoting movie director in Magnetic field. ‘The slender worktop field is actually centered by simply goblet in addition to sleek and stylish laminate, though thicker worktops tend to can be found in oaks in addition to black wood or perhaps professional resources. i


We have a big development with regard to mixing up resources, i states Greatest extent de Wintertime, task artist in Poggenpohl. ‘It’s certainly not unconventional to locate a couple of, three or even 4 different types of surface in a single kitchen’s. Because kitchen’s in addition to living locations have become more incorporated, a single product during the entire room would likely experience way too overwhelming. Rather, use a comfy wooden with a breakfast time pub for example, stainless steel in a very preparation place in addition to tinted goblet being a identify. i


Edging pieces, whether it be goblet, wood or perhaps tinted acrylic, can be a best development. ‘For an extremely modern glimpse, type up a typical laminate which has a in contrast to borders within wooden or perhaps stainless steel, i indicates Jude Keenan, kitchen’s planning software in David Lewis. ‘This can be performed about both sq . in addition to curved-edge clothes. i


‘A large development currently can be a 50mm worktop which has a 30 amount bevelled borders, i states Boffi’s Steven Sodium. ‘This could be in a product, as well as the tapered borders means the counter definitely seems to be flying earlier mentioned the units, providing the greatest minimalist glimpse. i


The particular page (ie the edge) in the function exterior may also really make a difference towards overall experience. The particular round edges in the Eighties in addition to Nineties certainly are a point in the earlier, as well as the most up-to-date types of surface have a very entirely sq . borders, a new pad circular (where the borders is just slightly rounded) or a chamfer wherever simply just handful of the spot is actually shaved away from.




Contemporary laminate worktops certainly are a planet away from the Nineties types of surface which tried out (and most of the time failed) for you to copy their own healthy counterparts.


‘Laminates get got over them a whole lot, possibly within the last few 3 years, i states Simon Wilde, mind associated with promoting in Formica. ‘New textures, finishes in addition to producing tactics get offered all of them added measurement in addition to detail. i


Select a huge selection of colors in addition to finishes, which includes authentic wooden grains, refined in addition to matt pebbles, sparkling faux granites, concrete, high-shine types of surface in addition to bright, sound colors. Laminate has become furthermore easily obtainable in thicknesses of up to 60mm.


PROFESSIONALS: Low maintenance in addition to low priced. Laminate is among the most affordable ways to get the design with a budget, in addition to can be a tiny proportion associated with the price tag on the genuine McCoy. Should you be helpful along with your electrical power equipment, you can lower in addition to suit the item by yourself.


DRAWBACKS: A number of laminates might get scorched in addition to dinged if not maintained appropriately, in addition to laminate types of surface may have noticeable seams. They may be non-repairable in case damaged.




Real wood worktops including oak, cherry, maple, pine, teak in addition to mahogany are the easiest method to carry a new comfy, abundant good quality to a kitchen’s.


‘Costs change according to the wooden you decide on, i states Lizzie Beesley. ‘A uncomplicated oak exterior will set you back not nearly as expensive incredible, on-trend zebrano, wenge or perhaps pine. i


Finger-staved wooden clothes, wherever little cedar are glued jointly, certainly are a less high priced technique to find the glimpse. Make sure you purchase from a new environmentally friendly supplier.


‘We’re possibly applying wooden gotten back via off-road chalets, i states Steven Sodium, display room boss in Boffi. ‘These types of surface have a very high, old-fashioned glimpse, which gives an amazing distinction in an otherwise clean-lined, modern kitchen’s. i


Clean wooden immediately after foodstuff preparation, clean up just about any splatters straight away to stop staining and prevent abrasive washing merchandise.


PROFESSIONALS: Together with natural healthy antibacterial attributes, wooden can be a hygienic solution. Relatively simple to run in addition to restore, it can be sanded because of take away imperfections. It’s also a relatively inexpensive decision, based on that wooden people go for.


DRAWBACKS: Wooden takes several energy to hold the item within good condition in addition to needs oiling more than once above the initial 1 week, and then a couple of times 12 months. ‘We suggest a tough feel fat to deliver added protection versus water damage in addition to support keep up with the wooden, i states Chris Keane, M . D . in the Natural Solid wood Floors Organization. Fewer hard-wearing as compared to several resources, wooden might get scorched, dinged in addition to tarnished. It can also warp if it is certainly not built in appropriately, and it doesn’t consider nicely for you to prolonged experience of water.




Sturdy, healthy in addition to neat, corian is actually the most popular jewel useful for function types of surface, which enable it to fit regular or perhaps ultra-modern plans.


‘Granite is different within shade, feel in addition to crystalline framework, creating a range of colors in addition to patterns, i states Annette Light. ‘Black is actually common, however some other colors include vegetables, blues in addition to browns. i


A new refined exterior is actually ageless, however try a honed complete for a modern substitute.


‘Or mix a new tough exterior which has a sleek borders, or perhaps vice versa, i indicates Lizzie Beesley.


Stone is actually porous thus has to be covered, which will end up being replicated every year. Expenses change massively according to the rarity in the jewel.


Additional pebbles including limestone in addition to marbled furthermore produce lovely function types of surface. Pebble can convey a true wow aspect, however it’s much more delicate as compared to corian which enable it to end up being damaged by simply alcoholic beverages, mister in addition to acids including orange fruit juice. It really is prone to staining in addition to marring thus involves lots of TLC.


PROFESSIONALS: Rock provides true good quality experience to a kitchen’s. Stone is actually almost indestructible, in addition to temperature, mildew in addition to form proof.


DRAWBACKS: In the event it will acquire damaged, jewel is actually non-repairable. It will take expertise to fit, and you may require good quality carcasses to support the hefty slabs.



Designed or perhaps grp composite jewel, including Zodiaq in addition to Silestone, is manufactured out of a higher portion associated with smashed quartz mixed with resin, and is possibly tougher as compared to actual cigarettes. Blemish, nick in addition to temperature proof, the item can be purchased in a vast range of colors in addition to textures.


PROFESSIONALS: Color is actually reliable, therefore it is easier to fit as compared to healthy jewel, and it involves absolutely no additional treatment options thus is actually minimal maintenance.


DRAWBACKS: Does not have the unique characteristics present in healthy resources. It can be purchased in huge sheets in addition to needs specialist appropriate.



Contrary to everyday opinion, don’t assume all composites are as well, despite the fact that there is a tendency for you to team man-made sound resources jointly under the same expression. This is inaccurate, while their own attributes may vary substantially, according to the resources these are made out of (for instance, if they contain acrylic resin or perhaps polyester, or perhaps have a very higher quartz content).


The most well-known grp composite, Corian, could be the second most-popular sort of function exterior immediately after jewel, with additional as compared to 70 colors readily available, which includes modern brights in addition to heavy-grained colors. Snow whitened can be an long lasting bestseller.


PROFESSIONALS: Composites could be created in to every design or perhaps design, in addition to they may be joined jointly in a manner that sorts unseen seams, creating a sleek, streamlined appearance. Kitchen sinks, hobs along with functions including upstands could be incorporated in addition to moulded in to exactly what definitely seems to be a single bit. Composites are hygienic in addition to simple thoroughly clean, and even though they will acquire tarnished in addition to dinged, you can gloss out and about imperfections since you may possibly T Lower an automobile, retaining the look of them for countless years.


DRAWBACKS: It really is vital which a specialist takes an exact format, therefore you can’t spend less by simply putting in the item by yourself.




The is wonderful for a new high-tech glimpse. Usually found in specialist kitchen areas, worktops associated with every size and shape could be produced being a single model, in addition to basins, splash backs in addition to up stands could be incorporated to deliver a new streamlined exterior. Select a new refined or perhaps brushed-satin complete.


PROFESSIONALS: Quite tough in addition to sturdy, along with excellent temperature in addition to spot opposition. S / s is actually hygienic, impervious for you to staining as well as the only exterior you need to use chlorine bleach about.


DRAWBACKS: It could be frosty in addition to boisterous, in addition to indicates scrapes in addition to grease represents, despite the fact that before long scrapes will certainly enroll in jointly, generating a nice-looking patina.




Most suitable for you to modern kitchen areas, goblet could be lighted via beneath, as well as reflective exterior allows increase the emotion associated with room.


PROFESSIONALS: Perfect for utilize being a centerpiece. Quite hygienic in addition to water-proof.


DRAWBACKS: It becomes dinged in addition to chips effortlessly, ties together are very visible, and it’s really expensive.




Hardwearing concrete is actually seamless which enable it to end up being created in a design for you to circulation around some other aspects.


‘We could make concrete within colors via antique whitened via reds for you to african american applying healthy tones, i states Jonathan Reid, movie director associated with concrete exterior firm Light & Reid. ‘It furthermore creates a wonderful in/out product, so you can manage a high from the kitchens on your external room.




Solid Worktops

Quartz worktops have a superior temperature amount of resistance ability compared to stable materials nevertheless security snowboards ought to be utilized on most of these materials and also warm items must not end up being positioned for these types of area. If your dealer can be giving you that information about it’s temperature repellent area, they are basically doing sham. Even more, stable materials offer you smooth joint parts while joint parts within Quartz can be seen.

Quartz worktops have a quality the start amount of resistance power when compared with stable area worktops. Quartz worktops also have some sort of glossy finish unless of course honed while stable area worktops have a matte finish. Quartz Worktops are the modern day components that happen to be being utilized simply by many individuals mostly within upgrading and also renovating his or her home. This is a structure connected with Quartz and also Resin making a severely using area, which is in excess of competent at withstanding a lot of the has effects on due to day-to-day employ, while stable area worktops can be thermometer and so are far more adaptable when it comes to shaping and also shape. You’ll find a small number of boundaries about virtually any style of style

The vast majority of quartz worktops are neo porous and also discolor repellent, thus there is hardly any area closing as well as servicing. They’ve got some sort of greater range of hues when compared with stable area worktops gemstones, similar to light-weight grey as well as dazzling Reds / Blues / Green’s. It isn’t affordable nevertheless reasonable from about 75% connected with the expense of Quartz .

Modern day era includes incredibly fashionable and also imaginative people, who desire their apartment interiors beautification in the modern day and also delicate approach. Lots of people are seeking different normal gemstones regarding with them seeing that home worktops.

Quartz worktops are neo porous & the start repellent and so are very hygienic. Clean-up with this material can be finest reached with a rainy cloth plus a modest amount of neo chlorine bleach family solution.

Article written by : Asad Saimon